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Training level 15 Make Money Strategy Less than a Week Using Candlesticks $150

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Description :

This small concise trading strategy has a high winning ratio. It is based on price and candlesticks only.The trade takes less than a week. No need to use indicators or moving averages. No need even to see the resistance line or support line. It is very good for those traders who don't like to stay too much in a single trade. Since this strategy is based on candlesticks and price movement you can use it in derivatives like options, futures, forex and commodities. this strategy shows you exactly when and where to buy or sell short and when and where to exit. Moreover, it gives you recommendation on its use. You can even buy today and sell tomorrow with a profit. Please if you are looking to follow an uptrend or downtrend you should see other training levels. This strategy is used to few days only. You can use it also for day trading using the time frames available. You will get 25 streaming videos

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