Djellala is a training and educational website that offers students training levels by videos and E-books in stock trading. Moreover it offers a direct training by Skype. If you are looking to trade stocks you are in the right website.

Please watch my live trade on a stock that I am still in based on Training level 7. If you have already ordered training level 7 by videos or ebook, you will find the trade there. So no need to buy it. Order now

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Description :

. This membership subscription is a training practice on how to search for stocks using a stock screener. Good news: There are 4 training levels that are added for free valued at $500. Training level 1 Djellala swing trading basics strategies. Training level 2 how to search for stocks using stocks screener? Training level how to search for stocks using an industry index? Training level how to select stocks? The 4 training levels are found after search 61 lesson 3. How does the subscription work? 1. Each week on Friday I will add videos of a search I do by myself. 2. I will search using a stock screener with 2 basic criteria. 3. I add all the stocks into the chart into a portfolio. 4. I comment and select the best stocks using my criteria of selection. 5. You will have the ability to do as i do and search by yourself in the coming days and days. 6. You will be independent by doing the same search as I do and get the most of my strategies. 7. You will follow the stocks and see where they go from the entry buy price. Notice for international traders: This subscription explains how to do the search. I have included a video called international stock screener after search 27 lesson 3. Please check below. This stock screener gives all the countries. So just use the link and choose your country. You will get the list of stocks. Unfortunately my chart does not support international stocks except Canadian Stocks?You will get streaming videos

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