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How I Turned $18k to $62k in 6 Months?

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Who is Abdelkarim Rahmane?
My name is Abdelkarim Rahmane. I am a swing trader and trainer. I taught thousands of traders in the world. I began trading stocks in 2010. The first year was a catastrophe, although I made some money, but I lost it all at the end of the year. The reason is obvious, I don't know how to trade trade. I just did like anyone else, just buy and hold and then sell. This beginner strategy is called Hit and Miss strategy. Every beginner is using it since they is no way out. After loosing my money and little was left, I closed my account and withdraw was was left. But, after reading books, I discover that there are some people succeed. So I asked myself the question : "Why not me". The only question that I did not find an answer was: "Why stocks go up or down". That was a big question, although it seems very simple.
The steps I did are the following:
Get to know the stock market
I have read hundreds of books in day trading, swing trading and investing. All the books have different ideas. Some they talk about technical analysis, others company fundamentals and others random trading techiques and strategies. Although what I read was beneficial, but all these stull did not help me make money from the market. I also went to meet up and whenever I asked that simple question. They had no answer. I even went to an investing event. I teach how to invest in stocks and they gave a formula for that. I challenged with a stock. A stock that went from $1 to $30 in one month. I asked them to apply their rules on the stock. They find it is a bad stock. I laughed, and I understand that there way of selecting stocks is not exact and it did not work. For me, I want a strategy that works for every stock.
Question every strategy and technique
I began experimenting all the indicators and moving averages. I found out that these indicators are by themselves separate strategies. So if I use more indicators, I will be more confused and the result is no money. When I checked the indicators and moving averages, I find out all are lagging prices. That means, they give the old price, but never predict any future prices. The best that helps me understand is that I discovered free stock charts which is a free chart software. The chart helped with price action. So it was my tool number 1 in trading.
Focus on price only
After testing the indicators and moving averages, I found out they are useless. So I deleted them from my strategy. Since 2011, I had never used them again. I began to discover how the price move faster in some situations. That was my focus. I began adding criteria and rules to my strategy. My goal is to answer my question: "Why stocks go up and go down?". I began to understand that there are moves in the market like mutual funds and other big guys. If they begin to buy, the trend shows up on the chart. So my job was to get specific criteria to get that price from the beginning. That trend is the gold mine. The main thing is just to enter early to harvest all the trend.
Testing period
Since I had just a little money, I withdrawed my 401k and added little savings. All were like $18k. You might ask why my 401k is no that big. The reason, I just emigrated to USA few years ago. So I couldt save more. I began testing my strategy. After 6 months, I got $62k in my account. That was a big deal.
I answered my question by myself
My questions was very simple: "Why stocks go up and go down?". I answered my question by myself. All the ideas of meetup groups,books, strategies and techniques are useless to me. I deleted all the indicators and moving averages from my startegies. I even deleted the volume from my strategy, I just use it to see the bid and ask spread only. What I used is simple: resistance and support lines and my own criteria for stock selection. I write down the rules and apply them without any change.
How I trade stocks?
Here how I plan my trade. I use a free search screener and a free chart.
Around 3 pm I begin my search.
Then I put all the list into my chart.
Then I select the best chart according to my stock selection criteria.
After that, I use colorful lines to spot the purchase price and resistance and support lines. I add my stop loss.
When done, I calculate how many shares I would buy according to my position.
Last thing I do is just go to my broker account and I buy the stock and put the stop loss before the market closes at 4 pm. Thats it.

Why is my strategy different?
My strategy is different is because I don't use what other traders use. I dont follow anyone. I believe in what I do. I have seen online traders use a chart full of indicators and clouds and lines. You can barely see the price and candlesticks of the stock. when yous ee my chart, you will find it simple and has only few lines where you can follow the trend. By the way I have made a trade live for 5 months and 2 weeks. Each week or two, I make a video and explain what I will do. This trade is uploaded in Training level 7 how to follow an uptrend?
Why I teach my strategy?
I did not begin teaching, even though I start my youtube channel and share some information. Some traders all of the world contact me to teach them. At that time, I did not have no courses online, so I taught them one by one using Skype. But later when the number was big, I decided to create a training levels course where students can directly learn from me without teaching them directly.
How can you benefit from my strategy?
The way I trade stocks into swing trading -short term trading- is very simple and easy. If you have seen my First training level, you have already got an idea. All the training levels are easy to apply. What you need is only practice.


What the traders say about my training levels and my membership subscription

1. Dear Sir,

Just so you know, I have been trading stocks on and off since 1999 till date. Due to the experience and knowledge gained over the years, 2017 was the first year that I have been able to begin trading as a professional with confidence to gain profits on a yearly basis in perpetuity.
I accidentally came across your YouTube video at around 5 am this morning and it’s been very entertaining. Because of the years that I have been involved with trading stocks, I truly enjoyed your videos because everything you talk about is 1000% true. You’re the most genuine person that I ever witnessed with my eyes or listened to with my ears who is completely genuine about trading stocks. Until I saw your videos, I didn’t think that a person like you existed especially in the world of stock trading. Nobody, and I mean nobody should ever listen to anyone in this entire world about learning how/what trading stocks is truly all about without watching your YouTube videos. You’re the BEST PROFESSIONAL STOCK PROFESSOR.
I’m able to say everything in the preceding paragraph about you and your YouTube videos because I can attest/certify that your teachings, philosophy and advice are completely factual due to my involvement and experience with the stock market over the many years.
I had to contact you via email to express my sincere appreciation for your remarkable and genuine approach to informing people about how to be a successful professional trader. I hope they listen because they will NEVER EVER get a genuine and or more authentic person to provide a complete and unadulterated picture of the keys to becoming a successful professional trader.
Please feel free to contact me whenever you want or if you ever need anyone to vouch for your teachings.
Best regards,

2. " Hi Karim,

Just want to say awesome work on all your videos & subscription. Have learnt a ton of info! Have only just signed up with subscription membership. So much more to learn yet. Love it! I have bought a lot of your videos and been studying them every day ( when family all in bed ) and being practicing your methods. I have in about 5 to 6 months turned $20,000 into just over $56,000. Still need to work on my money management though I think. Final balance accurately is now $56,848.12. And just sold last stock yesterday. I am only trading stocks on the Australian market. But am in the process of getting an international account set up so I can trade the U.S Exchange. Anyway thanks again for all your hard work and sharing it. Your a good man!
Graham Smith

3. "Hi Sir,

First, I want to thank you for the amazing content you've put together. I am a member of your weekly search subscription and have bought a few levels. I've turned 2000 Euro into 2482 Euro in 3 weeks and my only losses happened with the Brexit which I minimized thanks to the stop loss principle. Thanks again for everything, you are one of the only people I trust in this mad world of trading/affiliation/marketing/scams. If you ever start a weekly subscription for practice on managing stop losses and trailing stops I would be very interested!
Keep up to good work,
Joao de Lima

4. " Before getting Karim's 10 levels i would watch the news for 8 hours or more per day. Some days í made $100 some days i lost $200. Then i got into a guru that told me when to buy and sell. But soon lost too much too mention in 3 months. I had been watching Karim's youtube videos maybe over 50 hours at least. Slowly buying his levels till í finally got all 10. In the last month í have made over $800 and lost when í brake his rules or put a stop loss too close. I am sorry i rather not mention how much í invested. (i think its a personal thing) I can clearly see that his strategy works through experience and by looking at previous stocks continue to go up through the past years. Through trial and error like he says, by following his rules, and with quick feedback i receive by email when I email him (over 100 emails), í am confident $800 will continue to grow and im glad i have an opportunity to have this as a future career. Thank you Karim. And any body thinking of buying programs DO KARIM'S FIRST you will see results, understand clearly, and easiest maybe 30 mins- 1 hour per day when í choose. Thanks again
Pablo Diaz-Buscio
5. "Dear Karim,

My name is Emilio, I'm Italian but I live in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean sea. I am an entrepreneur and I have my own Company. My initial business field was hospitality and event organization, but I have always been interested in investing, and in trading. I had no idea about stock trading so what I normally did was to invest my money for long time, typically in Government Bonds. After some years, I had a very good offer for selling my business and I decided to sell. During that process I started to search information about trading on internet and after a lot of searching I found your YouTube Channel. I remember like it was yesterday the first video I watched. At that time I did not understand anything about stocks trading and stock market. Than I began to follow you and watch all your videos on your YouTube Channel. After I bought your book and all the levels of your course. Thanks to your teaching I started slowly practicing and I began to understand more and more. After one year studying, two months ago I started trading stocks with my Company. It was not easy, I put a lot of effort to overcome my limits using the PC, the Chart, etc. I practiced a lot as you suggest and I also find very useful your monthly subscription: even if now I know how to search for stocks, thanks to your comments I learn every week something new. Every time, I have some questions, I write you an email, and you always give me precious and useful answers. And last Friday, as you know, I got $1200 profit in one trade and it was a pleasure for me to inform you immediately. I still have a lot of things to learn about stock market, but I'm sure that with your help I can do it. So thanks a lot for everything, for you teaching about trading and also about life. Dreaming is important and everyone must have a dream. But you don't sell dreams, this is the reason why I esteem you a lot. Kind Regards,
Hi Karim,
For years I tried to learn trading from other people without any real success. Anyone can make a hundred one day and lose it the next. I have a good career, but there is little time to do the things I really want to do so my goal was to quit and trade and be free. I was not getting closer to my goal and after many trading disasters I bought all of your lessons and watched each one twice. I'm going to go back to them in the future and watch them again. Essentially, everything anyone needs to become a successful trader is covered quite well in the lessons. Before I started using your strategies, I used to find stocks from articles on the yahoo financial website, but not any more. Your search criteria works excellent. I also never used a stop loss which was another big mistake. I used to sell with only a small profit or a huge loss but not any more. I see the whole market completely different now. In only 4 months, I am up over $38,000. I cannot believe it myself. Sometimes I go to my brokerage account and make sure that it's real. Thanks for putting together the excellent training class.

Free chart training